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AI-driven software solution for Industry 4.0 focusing on assets & people
enabling end to end content management.

Power your operations & Build your Knowledge Capital

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Today, knowledge is the only stable currency 

in a world of economic disruption, exploding technological complexity, and workforce turnover.

The cost of inefficiency is tremendous

90% of companies’ documentation is Word & Excel files
75% of all operational documentation is on paper
60% higher turnover rate results in knowledge leakage

Content Management: the weak link
of Digital Transformation

Replacing paper with PDFs ≠ Digital transformation

Wiki-like tools are not adapted to the industry

Vertical tools are an incremental change and create more silos

ERPs are dying


Process & documentation are driving continuous value to the field & from the field


People & Technology become very fast operational. Upskilling & reskilling are continuous


Operations are seen in their integrity, with assets, knowledge and workforce forming one integrated system

Organization alignment

Operational, management & strategic teams are working in concert

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Philippe de Mijolla

Airbus Defense & Space

“We were able to minimise human errors and maximise employability thanks to a training solution developed with Armtek”

Thomas Rolland


“Armtek is our go-to tool for digitising maintenance, harmonising our processes and maintenance documentation. It’s also a great facilitator for onboarding new technicians on our products and for their upskilling!”

Thierry Cholet

S2M Equipment

“No need to produce heavy paper documentation with several volumes. This product is the future of technical support & maintenance”

François Danel


“We were seduced by this innovative, modern, current and efficient solution and which will give in addition to our very industrial aspect, an extremely effective digital touch to our depollution solution.”

The holistic software solution that unifies, automates, and capitalises on documentation, processes, and knowledge.

The Armtek Methodology is a modern approach that works to automate and integrate processes with documentation following 5 principles :
(1) Documents are tied to your industrial processes & cycles
(2) Anybody can write & contribute to Documentation
(3) Everything is dynamic, centralized, and version controlled
(4) Continuous Improvement principles are implemented through rapid stakeholder feedback
(5) Information is found & actionable anytime & anywhere



Metals & Mining


Support & Maintenance

Industrial Suppliers

Complex Systems



Support & Maintenance


Land Forces


Air Force

Health Services


Let us help build your business case for operational excellence.

Becoming a champion for Operation is easy. Gaining consensus in a matrix organization, however, can often be complex. Here are three things you can do to get a head start:

> Review our Guide for Operational Excellence to help gauge how your organization is performing against best practices

> Contact one of our experts to get a sense of the potential financial impact of Armtek implementation

> Attend a customized demo to get a needs-based solution view

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