Use cases by life-cycle phase

Use cases : IVVQ

How can you streamline and capitalize on a system's validation and verification cycles?
Create system validation steps
  • Create the system development tree between the single needs document and the requirements
  • Create validation test sheets in line with the tree structure
  • Validate acceptance test sheets
  • Assign validation test sheets and notify the persons concerned
Perform validation tests
  • Complete test sheets during validation tests
  • Report non-conformities
Analyze evaluation feedback
  • Monitor non-conformities and analyze occurrences
  • Validate tests in line with requirements
  • A structured document and media base to facilitate reuse
  • Provide a database for rapid information retrieval
  • Reduce the number of steps in an assessment program
  • Accelerate system qualification cycles

Use case : Development

How can we capitalize on and FLUIDIFY the development phases of a complex system?
Identify customer needs requiring the development of a new system
  • List requirements and validate them with the customer through content sharing 
Meet requirements with a detailed description of the system and its documentation

New creation

  • Create the system architecture
  • Create system documentation
  • Link system architecture elements with documentation

Creation from an existing system

  • Duplicate system architecture and documentation
  • Modify elements requiring adaptation to new requirements, while maintaining links to unchanged elements

Develop and validate the first series

  • Follow the theoretical stages of system construction 
  • Validate theoretical stages, integration stages, and the system as a whole, against requirements
  • Qualify/Certify the first in series

Validate development phase and switch to industrialization phase
  • Accelerate the sharing and validation of requirements with customers 
  • Capitalize on previous development projects
  • Easily monitor the entire development process on a single platform
  • Reduce the time needed to create documentation and transfer it to the industrialization phase

Use case : Industrialization

How can we enrich and accelerate the industrialization of a complex system?
Preparing for the industrialization phase
  • Create the manufacturing routing: the sequence of unit steps to produce a system
  • Create data sheets describing unit steps
  • Capture content from the field to enrich data sheets
Launch industrialization phase

Execute routing steps with automatic reporting

Finalizing production
  • Quality control and acceptance review before archiving
  • Close the production order and generate the delivery note
  • Facilitate the creation of documents enriched with operational visual or audio content
  • Automate industrialization monitoring loops with automatic reporting
  • Reduce the time it takes to update documentation, make new documentation available and access information in the field. 
  • Monitor the entire industrialization phase, from range creation to delivery order on a single platform

Use case : Operating a complex system

How to speed up the operation of a complex system?
Commissioning the complex system
  • Follow the updated and validated commissioning steps
  • Manage and monitor commissioning
Operating the complex system
  • Consult the updated and validated user manual via simplified mobile access
  • Carry out operating operations (functional checks, training, etc.).
Analyze operations
  • Automatic feedback of operating results
  • Ensuring proper use of equipment
  • Make all documentation easily accessible on a single tablet or phone
  • Accelerate users' skills development with enriched content

Use case : Technology transfer

How can technology transfer be made more fluid and secure?
Prepare documentation
  • If the documentation does not exist, import it into Armtek Web
  • If documentation exists, format or detail it for target players
Send documentation
  • Consult the updated and validated user manual
  • Easy access to the user manual on Armtek mobile
  • Enhanced understanding of the manual with illustrated tutorials
Analyze operations 
  • Automatic feedback of operating results
  • Local manufacturers or the local army receive alerts and feedback, updating procedures and informing staff of new procedures.
  • Make all documentation easily accessible in any environment
  • Accelerate the qualitative upgrading of users' skills thanks to turnkey enriched content
  • Sustainable transfer of industrial value
  • Mitigating operational risks