Structure of system architecture within Armtek in line with your needs and the reality of the defense ecosystem.

Analysis: Availability, progress, potential....

Feedback & experience sharing, continuous improvement

Identification of experts

Description by type with variants and breakdown into subsystems

Tracking serial numbers over time

Documentation and processes at every stage of the life cycle


Documentation of your operational knowledge and access to all the value-creating levers of the Armtek solution.

Operational strategy

Knowledge sharing and collaborative customer-supplier processes

Identifying high-value content

Modular and repeatable documentation creation, validation and distribution

Process automation at every stage of the life cycle

Aligning engineering and operations


Aligning human resources requirements with needs in terms of skills, qualifications and identification of these resources.

Productivity analysis

Feedback & experience sharing, continuous improvement

Skills matrix

Personalized, contextualized access to information

Execute instructions and reports even in offline mode

Alerts, incidents, reminders, routines, threads