Where to start? 

Standardized deployment procedures

We offer a turnkey approach, including technical deployment of the solution according to the terms and conditions of your choice, operation of the solution in your environment and operational support.

Deployment is based on an in-depth study of value.
Our approach is based on co-building to adapt our deployment to your operations and objectives.

A range of services to support you

Your maturity in capitalizing on operational knowledge increases with the help of...

...of our Standard Services...
Service 1 - Transformation as a service
  • Co-building day
  • Use of the Armtek solution autonomy
Service 2 - Transformation as a service
  • Business Analysis Day
  • Optimizing the use of Armtek
Service 3 - Knowledge Strategy as a service
  • Knowledge strategy
  • Strong levers for value creation
...and Optional Services at your disposal.

Document as a service

System Agility as a Service

Skills Mapping & Anticipation as a Service

Digital Support Offering as a Service
When adding Armtek's solution to your service offering

Analytics as a Service